"When you talk to your ADHD brain... who answers?" FREE LIVE WEBINAR Thursday, Nov. 9 - 9:00 pm ET

ADHD Adult webinar: "When You Talk to Your Brain"

Imagine your brain is a bus, with a group of characters riding inside. At any time, one of them could grab the wheel and derail your journey in various ways. Understanding the exact nature of YOUR dominant drivers will explain why ADHD solutions might not worked for you.  

This insight will help you determine what you DO need. You’ll learn about how you can achieve self-mastery. 

Live webinar followed by Q&A with Bonnie Mincu of Thrive with ADD.  


by Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD Coach

Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA Thrive with ADD 

"When You Talk to Your Brain... Who Answers?" 

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November 9, 2017

  • 6pm Pacific
  • 8pm Central
  • 9pm Eastern

During this FREE webinar, you will learn:

How the combination of characters who drive YOUR "bus" (your brain) have contributed to your challenges by creating particular reactions in you. You'll find out: 

Why "Overwhelmed Oscar" is most often blamed for bad driving, when a different driver may be at fault. Identifying the right driver is critical for a solution to work!

The one character who typically sets off chain reactions of shame, blame and mental paralysis... IF you allow him to remain a dominant driver.

The character who drives everyone with ADD / ADHD traits on a regular basis, and how to reduce her power over your life.

Once you're aware of your pattern, you can anticipate it and avoid allowing the wrong character to drive. Your insight will help you apply the RIGHT strategies going forward.

Bonnie Mincu is a Senior Certified ADHD Coach and founder of Thrive with ADD. Through coaching, training and speaking, she has been providing breakthrough solutions for ADD / ADHD adults since 2001. 

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Learn how to manage the characters in your brain ... so they'll get you to your destination. 

Plus, learn about PRODUCTIVITY PATHFINDER... a new program to achieve ADHD self-mastery