ADHD & Overwhelm What's the Real Story? 

When you have ADHD, and feel overwhelmed most of the time... 

... how do you break out of OVERWHELM that's become almost "normal?" 

In this webinar, discover what that overwhelmed feeling really means, and so you can apply the strategy that will free you. You'll learn:  

  • The critical difference between being overwhelmed by too much versus feeing frustated and helpess
  • When there's really too much for you to handle, and your brain is trying to give you a useful warning
  • When the "Overwhelm" feeling has become your brain's default way of dealing with discomfort 
  • How trying to process information in a modality that's weak for you is likely to fool you into an overwhelmed state
  • Why accepting yourself as constantly overwhelmed can make the overwhelm response come on faster in a self-perpetuating cycle (that you definitely need to break!)
  • How to deal with paralysis brought on by shame or "fear of looking stupid"
  • What to do with ambiguity like unclear direction, ever-changing priorities or unanswered questions that keep you stuck


Wouldn't you like to eliminate some of the tendencies that cause that perpetual Overwhelm?

Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Thrive with ADD

Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Founder of Thrive with ADD 

Following the webinar, I’ll introduce you to a program to "jump-start" your productivity.

PRODUCTIVITY JUMPSTART Break the ADHD Overwhelm to Get Started 

Limited time enrollment opens during the webinar... with valuable special bonuses!

*If you are unable to attend live, I will send the recording to all registrants and will be available for a limited time.